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AINovo™ Biotech at BIO 2020

AINovo™ Biotech was featured on the Nothing Stops Innovation Panel with Johnson & Johnson Innovation at BIO 2020. Our CEO, Anvita Gupta, appeared on the panel with Seema Kumar, Vice President of Innovation, Global Health and Policy Communication at Johnson & Johnson. "Each year, the Biotechnology Institute honors a past BioGENEius who best exemplifies the goals of its mission. This year, we honor Anvita Gupta, former BioGENEius winner and currently CEO of AINovo™ Biotech."

The Opportunity

Protein-based therapeutics are at the forefront of biomedical research, and have been used to treat a variety of conditions with unmet medical needs. Biologics such as therapeutic antibodies have transformed the field of oncology and led to transformative cancer immunotherapy treatments.
At the same time, the increase in genomic sequencing, proteomic data, real world evidence, and electronic health records have led to a wealth of available information which can be leveraged to extract relevant pharmaceutical insights. Cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms in computer vision, natural language processing, and generative machine learning have matured and can be brought to bear on these curated datasets to enable data-driven decision making in pharmaceutical R&D problems.
AINovo™ Biotech Inc. is leveraging this unique interdisciplinary opportunity afforded by massively growing biomedical datasets, modern machine learning algorithms, and growing unmet medical needs in order to accomplish our mission of enabling data-driven discovery of novel biologic therapeutics and diagnostics for patients.

Our Platform

New Generation Biologics. Designed and Optimized with AI.

Data-driven biologics design and optimization. Meet our biological data engine (AICurius™), protein design engine (AIGenus™), and biologics optimization engine (AIOptimus™).

Our Focus Areas

We develop transformative therapeutics across multiple disease areas through joint-development partnerships as well as internal development programs.
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Infectious Diseases

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest public health challenges of our time. We discover novel therapeutics and diagnostics to alleviate the high burden of antibiotic-resistant infections and battle emerging pathogenic threats.

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We design and optimize highly specific antibody-based drugs for cancer immunotherapy applications, as well as novel classes of biologics to battle challenging and particularly aggressive forms of cancer.

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Rapid Diagnostics

Using our proprietary data engine, AICurius™ and deep learning algorithms, AINovo™ Biotech Inc. is optimizing and engineering novel biologically-based rapid, point-of-care diagnostics, including a special ongoing project for COVID-19.

Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships

AINovo™ Biotech works with select biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to accelerate target selection, to jointly develop novel medicines and optimize therapeutic profiles, and to inform and desrisk clinical strategy. These goals are carried out through our proprietary AINovo™ Biotech platform including our data engine, CURIUS, which synthesizes diverse and siloed massive datasets, to enable modern machine learning methods to solve major challenges in the development of novel and effective biologics.
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Our Team

To accomplish our mission, we have assembled a team with cross-functional, deep expertise in technology (artificial intelligence, data engineering and analytics) as well as biotechnology and medicine.

Our Leadership

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Dr. Anup Kumar
Anvita Gupta
Dr. Larry Mahan
Dr. Ashok Gupta
Prof. Holden Maecker
Prof. Neena Caplash
Prof. Prince Sharma

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